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VMS Made Simple

ZenVMS provides regulated fishing vessels a turnkey and simple to use solution compliant with VMS regulations and purpose built for commercial and for hire fishermen. ZenVMS provides the fishing professional with much more than an installed product. ZenVMS users enjoy easy online activations and online support. 

Why Become a Dealer for ZenVMS 
  • ZenVMS has great profit margins built into the pricing to make selling the device worth your time and effort. 

  • ZenVMS is simple to install and has an easy straightforward programming interface. 

  • ZenVMS offers a great value to end users.  It includes the first year of service and has the most aggressive recurring rates therafter. 

  • ZenVMS will partner with you to market the product and create brand awareness.  When we generate leads we send you opportunities. (Based on geography) 

  • ZenVMS does the heavy lifting.  End users can activate their subscription on their smartphone, and we take it from there.  If they need after the sale support, it's our neck they will ring. 

If you are interested in becoming a certified installing dealer please fill out our Dealer Application below:

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