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This warranty is valid for products branded ZENVMS manufactured by the company Atlantic Radio Telephone, Inc. (Both the brand and manufacturer are hereafter referred to as ZENVMS). 

This warranty is in addition to the customer´s statutory legal rights. 


1. Warranty Term 

ZENVMS guarantees that each new ZENVMS product is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship. The standard warranty for the ZENVMS equipment and parts is valid for a period of two (2) years (24 months) from the date of the invoice, or the date of commissioning of the product by the installing certified dealer. The standard warranty for the labor costs directly associated with ZENVMS equipment is valid for a period of one (1) year (12 months) from the date of the invoice, or the date of commissioning of the product by the installing certified dealer. If the commissioning date takes place more than 30 days after the invoice date, then the invoice date will be the basis for calculating the warranty term. 


2. ZENVMS Standard Warranty 

If the product was installed and commissioned by a certified ZENVMS dealer, the customer has the right to the standard warranty.  

The ZENVMS standard warranty covers spare parts and labor costs associated with a warranty claim, provided that the product is returned to ZENVMS or to an authorized ZENVMS dealer and any necessary repairs or service calls are performed by an authorized ZENVMS dealer. 

The ZENVMS standard warranty includes: 

  • Repair or replacement of the defective product  

  • All spare parts needed for the repair 

  • Cost for economical shipment to and from the customer and ZENVMS or dealer and ZENVMS 

  • Standard labor rates performed by an authorized dealer during the first year 

  • Travel time: up to a maximum of two (2) hours during the first year 

  • Travel distance: up to eighty (80) miles round trip by vehicle during the first year 


3. Warranty Validation 

To be eligible for the standard warranty the ZENVMS equipment must be purchased from and installed by an authorized ZENVMS dealer. Presentation of product with serial number and a copy of the invoice from an authorized dealer showing date of purchase and/or installation and matching serial number is required to validate a warranty claim. 


4. End User Claims 

To make a warranty claim, contact your ZENVMS authorized dealer. Give the product´s serial number and describe the problem as accurately as possible. The authorized dealer will troubleshoot to check for common issues that may rule out the need for replacement or repair. 

Warranty repairs carried out by companies/persons other than a ZENVMS authorized dealer are not covered by this warranty. 


5. Returning Defective Products 
Before returning defective products to ZENVMS for warranty repair or replacement the following steps must be taken: 

  • Troubleshooting fault tests must be performed 

  • ZENVMS Warranty/RMA Approval Form must be submitted 

  • Approved returns must be sent with RMA (Return Material Authorization) Approval Document to: 

ZENVMS Warranty Returns 
2495 NW 35 Ave 
Miami, FL 33142 


6. Warranty Limitations 

When a claim is made, ZENVMS has the right to choose whether to repair the product or replace it. 

The ZENVMS warranty is only valid if the product was correctly installed and used. Therefore, it is necessary for the customer to comply with the instructions in the ZENVMS Installation/Set Up Guide. Problems which result from not complying with the Installation/Set Up Guide are not covered by the warranty. 

ZENVMS is not liable for any damage caused to the vessel by using a defective ZENVMS product. 

The maximum liability of this warranty under no circumstances exceeds the price stated in the product contract for liability of a defective product. 

The following are excluded from this warranty: 

  • Routine maintenance services, including software and firmware upgrades. 

  • Replacement of used parts such as fuses, cables, mounting apparatuses, and consumable parts such as batteries. 

  • Sea trial. 

  • Products repaired or altered by anyone other than ZENVMS or an authorized dealer. 

  • Products on which the serial number is altered, defaced, or removed. 

  • Problems resulting from an accident, negligence, misuse, improper installation, vandalism, or water penetration. 

  • Damage resulting from a force majeure or likewise. 

  • Shipping damage. 

  • Software updates, except when deemed necessary by ZENVMS. 

  • Overtime and extra labor charges for working outside normal hours. 

  • All travel costs more than the eighty (80) mile allowance. 

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